Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lovely Lola!

My little Miss Lola! Yesterday was her dress rehearsal for Dance. The big day is Saturday. Actually on our calender in letters filling the entire box reads "Lola's big day!" on the 31st. This is Lola's first year on the big stage and she did a fantastic job!!! We have been counting down for a long time for the big recital and it is finally here! I was a proud momma snapping pictures every two seconds to capture every moment! She did so well counting out her steps and reciting her every I said...proud momma! Lola enjoys dance and looks forward to it every week! I'm sure I will have tons of pictures to show you after Saturday!
It is a beautiful day finally! I might go out on the patio, stuff some dolls and watch the kids play in the sun before I have to get supper ready. I'll be back tomorrow! It's Yeah Free Friday ALREADY!


Mandi said...

Oh how cute is she??? I love those little tutus... Man, I want a girl!! I doubt my boys would dress up like that for me - and I think my husband would take the boys from me if I DID try to dress them like that! ;-) lol!

Natalie B said...

When I opened the site today I heard the music for the first time on husband keeps the volume off, I don't know why...It is the same cd you sent in the package and we listen to it in the car! What a nice surprise that was.
Have a fun time watching you daughter dance, she looks so pretty in pink.
Natalie B

Miranda23 said...

She's such a doll. I wish I could get my daughter more interested in dance. She'd rather do art classes and soft ball though. :)