Monday, May 19, 2008

Marvelous Monday!!

Has everyone been waiting on little old me to post the winner??!! I try to post right away in the morning because I'm sure you are wondering if you have won or not. Well, thanks for being patient...and the winner of yay free friday is....
Congratulations Julie! You get your pick of little peanut or lamb! Again, thanks to all who entered this week! Julie, you didn't leave your email so please contact me with your doll choice and shipping info!
So to catch you up a little bit on what has been going on over the weekend....
First, I feel much-much better! I struggled all week but I'm finally on the mend now...PRAISE GOD! You all know how it is! Doesn't matter if Mom is sick or not, you have to stay on top of things (or at least try). Anyway, thanks to those of you who asked if I was feeling better-I am!
Second, my sewing machine crashed on me! YIKES! I have been thinking about getting a new machine for a while. I was actually using two machines. The green beast for all my straight line stitching and then a different machine for my zig zag stitching. The green one wouldn't zig zag and the other wouldn't straight stitch. So, I had two machines sitting with me in my small laundry/sewing room. I was thankful for them! At least one covered for the other and we really didn't have the extra money to get new so I made due with what I had. It actually is hard for me to buy new if I have something that still works. So on Saturday morning the green beast finally gave out on me. This machine is an old Sears model from like 1974 or so. I tell you what, they don't make machines like they used to! Anyway, of course I HAD to buy a new one...I have orders to fill! So we were off and after lots of looking I brought one home. Well of course I wanted to get it out and try it right away!! But, guess what! The electrical cord was not in the box! I was so frustrated! To load four kids back up and go back was just NOT an option at that point. So I waited until Keith got home from work and went and got an exchange making sure to open it in the store to make sure all the parts were included. So really no worries in the end. I smile at the frustration now which was really no big deal, but with fussy kids sometimes you feel like pulling your hair out. We should just know to expect that even the simplest things don't always go the way we planned. I should know this...I have four children! Well, I'm off to sew on my newest machine and enjoy the quiet nappy-time afternoon! Talk to you all soon!
(Pictured is my crew at Grandpa's this weekend. Can you tell how windy it was?)


The Barnett's said...

I think I have that same old sewing machine!

Rachel Barnett

Caitlin said...

Ooo, fun a new machine! I recently got one from the '90's that was used about once. I had been using my mom's high school grad present from the 70's. It's so dreamy and fast!

Anonymous said...

Received our cute little "Faith Angelina Mae" today and our daughter just loved her. I will try and get a picture of Faith holding her doll for you when she stops putting her to sleep.
Thanks again Tina on a special original.
Natalie Borges

Anonymous said...

Your dolls are so cute ! Especially the dachshund !~ lol
Love you