Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday News!!

What an overwhelming and encouraging response to yay free friday giveaway!! Hmmmm maybe this changed my giveaway a bit....
AND THE WINNER IS................

Congratulations SARAH from KY!!!!!!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your entry and sweet encouraging comments!!

Don't forget to check back in this Friday for another giveaway!


I had a wonderful weekend.

Friday and Saturday was pretty busy with lots of errands and holding a baby shower for a dear friend of mine. It was so great!! We had a wonderful time and she received so many wonderful things for this new addition to their family.

Sunday was a day of well needed rest! Believe me, I could have come home from Church and worked until midnight or later trying to catch up on everything! When I'm behind on things...I get nutty! It bugs me and drives me crazy! It affects my attitute! So I made myself just stop and be still. The Holy Spirit was pounding on my heart wanting me to listen. I heard, "It will all wait! Put ME first!" I sat outside in the sun with my kids, ate ice cream cones and played! A day taken to praise God, love on my family, refocus and re-prioritize my time and thoughts. Yesterday was a good day!

Today...I'm re-energized! My piles of laundry are getting smaller and I even dusted my bedroom after I made our bed for the first time in almost a week. I've got many dolls finished up and it's only 10:38 a.m.!! Only by God's grace have I gotten more done this morning than I struggled to do all last week. I just smile because I know! I know that by giving Him my day, my thoughts, my time, my hands, my body...He uses it! I look back and say wow how did that happen! They're are weeks like last week, when I unknowingly try to do things and struggle through things myself, that I really don't get anything done. I have really good intentions, but feel defeated. Where is my focus?? What am I putting first in my life?? Only through Christ can I do everything he has given me to do and with the attitude and heart He desires me to have doing it. God is so good! Have a wonderful week everyone!