Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Ponderings...

This is Carly!
I just love this picture!! As a Mommy, I love to watch and listen to my children play, pretend, and use their imagination. It's the greatest!! Carly's Mommy sent me some awesome pictures to share with all of you. It was so hard to choose, so I added a few on my photo page at Baby be Blessed This photo is my favorite however! She is so darn cute I just want to give her a big squeeze!!
In other Thompson news, we've had an addition of three to our family! Our kitty Annie had kittens about a week ago. Annie was a stray that found us last summer. She was so skinny that you could see her ribs and spine. She was in pretty bad shape but we fattened her up. We named her Annie because she was an orphan... get it?! =) Anyway, Annie is a super good Mommy!

She had two black kitties and one tiger like herself. We will find good homes for the two black ones, but have decided to keep our favorite which is pictured. They just started opening their eyes this week. This is the first litter of kittens that our kids have been old enough to enjoy! They live in our little shed right now to protect them from the weather, other Tom cats, and our lovely dog Gunner who would not purposely hurt them but shows a little too much love at times!


I am getting spring fever! My perennials are in full bloom and I'm itching to get out in the flower beds. I love any sort of gardening! Pulling weeds is very relaxing to me and I love to spend hours at the flower and plant barn! Keith also enjoys being outside and working in the garden so between showers yesterday we have been busy working with this or that. Last year my flower beds were a little neglected because Kolton was so little and I didn't take the time to work with them the way that I should have. And boy you can tell this spring!! Weeds everywhere!!
Here is a picture of my bleeding heart.
The branches bending down with the weight of all the hearts.

And last but not least, I just finished up this little sweetie! I love her yarn braids and will be making more of these! I have some Amy Butler fabric in the mail and I can't wait until it gets here!


Thanks for checking in everyone and have a wonderful day!


Caitlin said...

Way cute! Such a pretty flower. I wish I had the patience and memory to do that!

The Barnett's said...

Love the little kitty! I had one that looked just like that growing up. Are you still doing the giveaway? If so, please include me in the drawing. Thanks so much.

Rachel Barnett

Thanks for your response...I will be adding your site to the links on my blog.