Monday, November 29, 2010

Marvelous Monday Ramblings!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving Holiday?

We have had an overall wonderful weekend. Two of my babies were sick with the flu again, but it gave me some down time to pray and focus on the coming season. It has been good.

I'm just finishing up my last week of the Beth Moore Breaking Free Study.
Let me just tell each of you...if you haven't gone through this study, PLEASE prayerfully consider! It is amazing how God is using this study to pull together much of the work He has been doing within me over the past few years! I praise Him!

...and to finish up my Monday ramblings,

I came across this video today and I simply love it!
Maybe it will speak and encourage you as it has me.

{please pause blog music}

Every day, I'm closer to who I'm meant to be!
This is redemption story!

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