Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spreading God's GIFT at a time!

Whether we like it or not...Christmas is quickly approaching!

I've actually started my Christmas shopping already and by the grace of God think I'm half done! =) I joke, because seriously...I'm a notorious Christmas Eve shopper/wrapper!

Why? I think because #1, I was too busy and #2, I was buying too much and it stretched the budget out to the last day to shop!

Last year I decided to take a step back! Choosing to stop and make sure I'm taking time to reflect on the meaning of the season...bake cookies with my kids...relax and enjoy!

This year I'm so joyful over the coming season and embrace it! To focus on celebrating the birth of our Savior! To teach our children that less is more and giving is better than receiving! This is only done through action!

We are also cutting back on gifts. This has been the most freeing thing of all!! Lets make what we buy meaningful! To our children and also to others! Products that share the Hope we have received from this season of celebration...CHRIST.

So lets link up some ideas!

Do you make, sell or know of products that are sharing the message of Gods word?

Please share them!
I've still got some shopping to do!

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