Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Love!

I remember when I first saw this picture. We were miles and oceans apart. It appeared on my computer screen. My heart ached for him. My love. I ran my hand over his. My heart beat fast and almost, just almost with closed eyes could feel his hand on mine. With three babies around me we looked proudly at our Soldier! Those wrinkles around his eyes...I melt in my love for him. Then, my eyes open to the bigger picture. The feet behind him standing out so clear. It becomes real. War. The fighting for freedom. Our freedom that we take for granted.

Love on all the men and woman that have fought for that freedom! Love on their families!

Our eyes will never see what their eyes have seen, our hearts will never carry what they carry. They hold words that will never be spoken. Still dream what they wish they wouldn't, but would do it all again if it meant protecting those that they love.

Thank you sweet Veterans and a big thank you to my very own veteran, my love!

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