Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jesus said: "It is more blessed to give than to receive."

We are blessed and privileged.  Over the past month we have been supporting the Hoffman family.  If you aren't aware of the tragic event that changed their lives forever, please CLICK HERE.

We've asked you to pray and financially Give a Blessing to this sweet family and I thank those of you who have done so from the bottom of my heart!

As we wrap up the next two days I ask boldly ask in faith, can we step out even further? 

I believe that we all can do something. 
Would you ask God today what your part would be?

Please continue to pray.

Please give...maybe give a little more?  (imagine another $5 from each of us)

Please SHARE * SHARE * SHARE!  Sharing allows us to stand hand in hand together. Maybe you can't give but someone in your social circle can!

Spending time in prayer this morning...I've asked God to move our hearts.  To stir up and cultivate a deep  passionate desire to follow His leading.    

You are so appreciated and loved, friends!  
Look at what you've done so far!!  Thank you, THANK YOU!

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--and don't forget to forward your chipin information to .  We have many fabulous items we are giving away to bless you for your financial contribution!! 

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