Friday, June 29, 2012

It's summer and it's HOT!

Ohio felt like a southern state yesterday with temps up over 100 degrees!  It wasn't too bad early morning as we headed to the barn.  Natalie has been working hard with Shiloh! She has ridden her everyday except Sunday for the past two weeks.  We've accepted that this will not be an easy snap finger is one that will take time and patience.  One that will be worth all the hard work!  Shiloh's stubbornness reminds me of my own.   Hmmm ...I laugh but it's true!  We braided her mane and forelock up pretty, knowing the heat that was coming and hoping maybe she would be a little cooler with it off her neck.  Its amazing how much we love her already!

Tristin has been working at Grandma Shopps house all week.  Cleaning windows. Washing curtains.  I told her she was training him up right!  Now he knows how to do that at home...our windows are a mess!!  What a blessing to see them working together!  Grandma's 83rd birthday is today!

The hot afternoon was filled with kiddie pool fun, friends and popsicles!  I love hearing their splashing giggles, Kolton's screams when water gets in his eyes and seeing their smiles as they run and play!  Gifts I cherish!

In the midst of all the fun are lots of doll parts!  We are working hard to get caught up before the Christmas cart coming in July.  The 4th of July celebration starts today so the weekend will be busy busy busy!  Baby be Blessed has donated a Sabrina Ballerina so if your uptown, enter the raffle and help support the park!!

And,as the day winds down and clothes come down off the line, flowers get watered and toys gathered...I catch a glimpse of this in the window.

Nothing ends the day quite like a game of Go Fish with Daddy in the workshop!

Oh, what joy they bring to my heart!

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