Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new direction?

Writting is not my natural gift.  I am terrible at spelling and grammer and typically litterally re-read the words that are pecked out 10 times or more to tweek this word or that.  I have struggled on this blog for years, not sure where it quite fit.  Should it be about the dolls, our family, my walk in faith....hmmm seeking His direction.

One thing is for sure...I want to grasp each day a little more. 

What a wonderful gift a blog can be when you can scroll down memory lane by the click of a mouse!  I've done it intriqued with what we were doing on that very same day in years past.  What joy that it brought! 

So things may change a little bit here on the blog.  Might get a little more personal with a lot more of our everyday life, which reminds me of Laura's husband Chris when they came to visit the very first time.  He walked around stopped and smiled, "It's like getting a sneak peek behind the curtains at Disney Land!"  He cracks me up!  But really he should have said the Ringling Brothers Circus because that is what it is like around here most days!

So we will see what will come!
 My hearts only desire is to glorify God in this little place on the big ol' web!

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