Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Too Cute Tuesday...Summertime Fun!!

Attached are some pictures of my daughter, Kelli, with her new Baby Be Blessed Doll. She named the doll "Polka Dot."

Thanks for sharing your too cute Kelli with us, Lisa! 
My daughter Natalie loved the doll riding the horse! 
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We need your pictures for our Too Cute Tuesday -Summertime Fun, series!

Where do you take your Baby be Blessed dolls in the summer?
The park, pool, a picnic, Grandma's, on Vacation, the Library or to VBS??

How about backyard activities...blowing bubbles, playing baseball, or sidewalk chalk?

Have fun capturing your babies with their babies this summer or Give your child a camera and have them capture some summertime pictures with their doll/animal.

We will post them on our Too Cute Tuesday post and in August we will have a vote to see who wins a $56 Baby be Blessed gift certificate!

~The only rule is that your photo must include a Baby be Blessed doll. Please email them to babybeblessed@gmail.com  with Summertime Fun in the subject line.

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