Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer's are for reading!

One of our very favorite summertime activities is the reading program at our local Library!  They always have a fun theme and great incentives to get those little noses stuck in lots of books!  With the kids home from school I try and limit the amount of TV that is on during the day so it's great to see them tucked in a chair or sitting outside reading away.  Tristin wanted to read his book in a tree yesterday but found it too hard to climb with one hand since he was holding his books in the other.  He has been my biggest reader yet, visiting the Library at least a few times a week! 

They had a magician visit!  Oh you should have heard all the laughing and giggling and I would like to thank him for teaching all those beautiful children how to blow arm farts using a straw.  Yep.  Great fun and lots of straws laying around the house now...  =)

A couple of evenings ago, Kolton grabs a handful of his books and crawls up into my lap.  I read.  He makes sure I don't skip any pages.  One big kid and then another climbs in too...reading aloud together reciting and repeating the rhythm of the books.  My heart --FULL!  A gift to this Momma who's chest gets tight at the thought of them growing too quickly...

So thankful for each of these moments!

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