Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sparkling Grace in the Midst of a Mess!

Every have those mornings where you just feel messy?  Mornings that you get up a little late and you don't have your quiet time, messy?  Mornings that you need coffee and as a special treat you run uptown for your favorite brew and they only have decaff, messy?  Mornings that two are home again with cold or allergy or something, messy?  Mornings that your sad because your youngest has to miss his first week of preschool, messy?  Mornings that you feel like your drowning in the piles, messy? 

But just as I'm sitting here feeling messy,  God throws a bit of his sparkling Grace right in front of my eyes.  It came in the form of a black and white floppy eared bunny hopping across the dining room floor followed by a puffy eyed five year old boy with giggles and a big smile and my messy mess of a self melts with pure joy.

I had just read in a devotional, that He can brighten up the dullest of gray days and can add sparkle to the routines of daily life!  I just loved that.  He DOES add sparkle --it's just do I see it?

Let's look for all the beautiful sparkles of  His amazing gifts of Grace today!

And a couple of more, as I look to find...Lillian Mary Kaye and Joseph Anthony...I will be praying over you today as I work on your dolls.

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(Devotional:  Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young)

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