Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Full Day!

I'm so thankful for neighbors who put up their badminton set just so our kids can play it!

There are times you must just drop everything and go outside and play.  This was one of those times!

I walk back home to find our dog Tucker sitting at the patio table.  Natalie was thrilled!  That is the latest "trick" she has taught him.  Not so good for me because later that afternoon as I pulled out a my chair to sit down...Tucker jumped up in it.  Natalie laughed.

Last night was BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT for K-6!

Lola and Natalie brought their supplies and met their teachers.

Lola is super pumped that she gets a locker this year!

Natalie's locker is in the basement this year while her homeroom is on the top floor. 
 Hope she makes it to class in time!  =) 

She absolutely did not like her locker tag...so of course I had to take a picture of it!

Oh, how I'm praying over their new year! 

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LisaD said...

So Cute! Your dog Tucker looks just like our golden Haddie...although she's a she and he's a he! :)