Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer is winding down...

I am missing this blog!  I decided a while ago that blogging would be last in line.  Sometimes I felt pressure to keep up with it.  Most times I struggled to say something "important" on it.  It kind of turned into a chore and I really don't want this blog to be on the "chore" list.  I want it to be a rambling of memories.  A place of remembrance, more for myself than others.  A journal of our crazy life! 

And boy things have been crazy!

The past month has been one big swirly mess.  An overall beautiful swirly mess...but a  mess yet the same.  When life gets messy my mind gets messy and boy has the Lord shown me my broken self.  I praise Him that He does.  He can't fix what we don't acknowledge is broken so Lord come fix my broken self!!  He is loving and faithful to do so!

But as things are starting to slow down and fall back into a routine, a new routine is about to begin -SCHOOL!  I always dread when school starts.  I miss them so much!  Routine however is good for us all!

Kolton had his Preschool open house yesterday.  He is an old pro now.  This is his third and last year.  He could have gone to Kindergarten but we decided that he wasn't quite ready, so another year of preschool it is!  Being  my didn't have to twist my arm too hard to keep him home just one more year.   Miss Lori is his teacher and he was excited to play with all the toys!  Thumper the bunny is still there and this year they have a sweet little turtle.  He loved it!

Big kid school supplies have been bought, sorted and labeled with name by the fine point black sharpie!  They had so much fun...but I must supply shopping is one of my least favorite things to do.  It's confusing and frustrating.  They were all reading their lists and tossing stuff in the cart.  I WAS STRESSED!  So we took it all out and started back one by one.  Praising the Lord that it is done!  Those back-to-school packs are looking pretty tempting to purchase next year!  =) 

Lola I think is the most excited.  She packed up everything in her backpack and walked around the house a couple of times "just to practice".   They make my heart swell-up tight! 

The boys went fishing with Uncle Greg last night and we just hung out and watched a movie while I worked on stitching smiles and tying tu-tu's!  We are trying to get back into the early bedtime routine.  School starts in two days!

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