Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Puffballs to Bible Study...

If you follow on facebook, you would have seen a post about the huge Puffballs my husband found in the woods yesterday.  Puffballs are wild mushrooms.  Actually Colleen thought they looked like Dinosaur eggs...wouldn't that be cool?  Well kind of...but alas they are just simple mushrooms.  Last year was the first time I ever tried them and they actually taste really great!
I had planned on making some for supper last night but we are out of egg AND cracker so we settled for taco's instead.  Tristin would have chosen the taco's over wild mushrooms anyway.  They are his favorite.  Mushrooms are not.  =)
Our baby hummingbird sat in his nest most of the day. 
 It seems he mainly flies around short distances in the evenings but stays really close to home. 
Man is he (or she) cute!

Last night we continued our Calvary K.I.D.s study on the old Testament, learning about the first five books of the law.  Yesterday was the first day of School and we are just starting back up our study after a summer I only taught two students.  And they were my own.  haha! 

Tristin is in the Teen class and last night Kolton had his very first Bible Study!  It is a privilege to meet together on Wednesday nights!  I praise God the the opportunity to study His word!

Yesterday was great!  The kids had a fantastic first day of School! 

I was able to cut the next round of dolls and FINALLY received in the pink chenille that I have been missing to complete this grouping!   So Miss Ella Grace Bailey, Gracyn Avery, Camile Taylor, Talia Mei, Macy Ruth Anne and Katherine Alice..,.I will be praying over you today as I finish up your dolls! 

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