Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Bit of Advice...Wednesday!

So instead of Wordless Wednesday, I'm going to have A Bit of Advice...Wednesday!

A few posts back I announced the newest member of the Thompson family, Lucy. She had been a good little guinea pig and Natalie loves up on her daily. She totes her around the house and we've had issue with the little turd droppings I have found {we won't go there because it raises my blood pressure}. So my bit of advice for you new guinea pig owners, besides the turd issue is...don't let them go...not even on a you think it's safe area! There I was just simply checking email on the computer when Natalie sets little Lucy on our desk. She scared the dickens out of me because out of the corner of my eye I catch a big rat on the desk. So they think it's funny they scared Mom and when she goes to pick Lucy back up she runs in the printer. Still kind of funny...funny enough that I grab my camera for a few shots. First time I've ever had a guinea pig in the printer and I wanted to capture the moment.

So here she is...just hiding her little eyes in the paper tray. So what do we do? Try to lure her out with a carrot.
Which come to find out now, that really apples and popcorn are her favorite treat. So the carrot just wasn't cutting it so I just try to grab her. Who knew that a printer would have so many great hiding places!!

So the more I try to get her the more she crawls in! This was the last photo that was taken because by then it was not too funny anymore. Here I am trying to unplug the printer because the ink cartridge was flying back and forth and the darn pig was completely inside. You couldn't even see her. I pick up the printer and shake it around and finally two little back feet drop out. I grab them and Lucy was brought once again back into the world. I told Natalie...NEVER AGAIN!! She is NOT to put her down EVER! In all it worked out and we now can chuckle about it...kind of. Just the week before Keith found Clarence, our cat in the refrigerator in the garage. One of the kids put him in there! You know that kid...It wasn't me, I didn't do it! He/She runs around here a lot causing trouble! But don't worry about sweet Clarence...he made it through just fine. Praise God that Keith heard him because he would have not made it until morning. Hopefully it was a lesson learned!
So I guess maybe my overall bit of advice for you is...
If you come to visit, leave your pets at home!!
=) Happy Wednesday!


pixies*and*pirates*boutique said...

LOL - hey we have that same kid at our house - the it wasnt me, I didnt do it :0) Thank you for the wonderful advice on guinea pigs - that is priceless!! Happy wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry but that was the cutest story I've heard in a long time. It was perfect the way you told the story along with the pictures. Too funny!! :) Thank you for sharing that because it gave me the giggles.
By the way, your kitty probably would have made it through the night in the fridge! :) My sister once had a cat who stayed in the fridge all night because while they were putting that night's dinner away the cat crawled in. They didn't notice her in there and closed the door. In the morning they could hear little tiny meows and didn't know where it was coming from or where the cat was. They looked EVERYWHERE in her usual hiding spots. Well, after much searching, they opened the fridge and found her in there. She was perfectly fine. Well, maybe a bit chilly. :)