Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treat!

We've got Farmer Kolton....
Cameo Boy Tristin, Princess Lola & Cowgirl Natalie

Here they are in action!!
Here's Kolton's action! No treats for him. If you put something in his bucket he'd throw it out. The only item that was bucket worthy was a pack of M&M's. We had a beautiful day considering how cold it was earlier in the week. They had a great time!
I will be taking a Yay Free Friday break through the Holiday's. Hopefully when I get caught up with things I will sneak a giveaway in here and there, but the days are getting away from me and I need to make sure all these babies are out by Christmas. Thanks so much for entering each won't be gone forever! Have a great weekend!! ~Tina


Laura and Chris Swymeler said...

Oh my goodness Tina! Too cute! I love them all! Miss Lola is just adorable...Classic Lola I love it!!

clkight said...

they are all so sweet! wow, y'all get started early up there!!! or maybe i just don't notice it down here because we're always setting up things at church.... ;)

Tamra said...

Aww I will win Free Friday some day! :) Take your time!

I know how stressful it can get making sure you have your Free Friday posted and drawn and then shipped each week! We are moving in the midst of all the holiday madness so I too had to postpone my Free Friday give aways!

I decided to do a $50.00 give away Dec 1st and take off until then. Come on over and enter for your little ones! :)