Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

Okay...so Laura passed the buck to me to let you all know a few random facts about myself...

one: During the week I very seldom wear make-up or do my hair. The above picture lays it all out...hair wadded up in a pony/bun and no make-up. Actually on this day I did put in my contacts and get dressed.

two: I get crazy when....my house is in a big clutter, there are clean clothes in the dirty clothes pile, children act disrespectful with a sassy mouth.

three: I'm funny about having my silverware drawer being in good order. Forks, spoons and knifes must lay nicely in their own straight pile. And where do those crumbs come from?

four: Loose wiggly teeth give me the creeps, though I'm proud to say that I could stand to pull out two for Natalie and one for Lola. Snot also gives me the creeps...it is just gross! Just go blow your nose already!! Why let it run down to your lip! Yucky!

five: I'm a country girl at heart. I love old barns and old things. I have a love for animals big and small. I wear Justin boots and wish I had an accent y'all!

six: "No worries" and "There are bigger things" are two things I probably say everyday. Maybe I say it more to remind myself more than others...but feel it is true.

Now instead of tagging someone else, I would like you to leave a random fact about yourself in the comment section....Inquiring minds want to know!!


Laura and Chris Swymeler said...

Okay, Tina...You know I'm a city girl, what in the world are Justin boots???

Baby be Blessed said...

Justin cowboy boots!! Girl, I'm going to get you a pair!! =)

family said...

People that cannot laugh at themselves typically do not have facial expressions...this scares me!
I too do not know what justin boots are, will have to look it up online.

Kelley said...

Tina, I am from the south and know about Justin boots. A random fact about me: I love college football.
Go Hogs! (We are having a rough season.)

Leslie said...

Random fact about me: I feel that I have to finish my dreams. I try not to get out of bed until I do!

I'm from the South and do not know what Justin boots are. I'll Google it, though.:)

Michelle said...

Well - being Tina's younger sister - I am a country girl as well. I love truck pulls, fishing, and probably most of all - riding fourwheelers! I have a pair of cowboy boots too and a pretty big sassy pants personality. I am as stubborn as a bull and can be pretty hard to handle - but there isn't anything wrong with a girl who can stick up for herself!

Anonymous said...

I know what Justin boots are!! I never had a pair of them, but I have a pair of Lacers (boots)!!

Jerry said...

I am a country girl, know what Justin boots are and have purchased many pair for my kids, but never owned a pair. I want a pair of Ariat Fat Babys, even though I have absolutely no use for them. I wear shorts and T-shirts 9 months out of the year to work. I also have that accent ya'll might be huntin'

Sugar Mommy said...

I get the heebies jeebies even thinking about loose teeth too! Glad I am not the only one! I also cannot go to bed with dishes in my sink!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tina haven't communicated in a while. But a girl from Hawaii even knows what Justin boots are.

Random facts about me:

1. I'm originally from Maryland, but Hawaii was always a place I considered HOME.

2. I am a clean freak. I hate messes and clutter.

3. I don't like having my daughter getting her clothes all dirty so I just freak out when she gets a little stain on her nice clothes.

4. I love the outdoors and being in or near the ocean.

5. I love the Fall season and miss seeing the change of colors of the leaves and taking random trips to Lancaster and York PA to eat some good country style cooking by the Amish.

6. I'm most comfortable wearing shorts and a t-shirt and I never wear make up unless I have to get dressed up. Such a chore.

Have a great week everyone.
Aloha - Elaine