Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eleven years ago today...

October 4, 1997
Eleven years ago today, I became Mrs. Keith Thompson. It was the best day of my life! We both were just young pups yet...still wet behind the ears. Keith was 22 and I was 21. I look at these pictures and see us still as babies, but at the time of course we knew all and was ready to take on the world together...and that is what we have done!
Keith always likes to joke "Yep...Married 11 years, together for nine", since he was gone for almost two years with the Military. We've learned a lot over the last 11 years, especially through the two that he was gone. I know it sounds silly, but I praise God for those two years. I hope and pray that I fully realize now what the Lord has given me when He joined us as one.

It was a beautiful fall afternoon! All the weeks of planning came together into one wonderful day! It was so awesome this morning pulling out the old white album and fumbling through the dusty pages. Makes for a good morning cup of coffee. I see these pictures of us and then think of our four babies sleeping peacefully up in their beds. We didn't know the blessings that were coming our way!

The Church was full of family and friends!
We had a wonderful reception at the American Legion.
Good times and good memories!

I even had time later in the evening to get in some deer hunting.

Isn't he the cutest buck you've ever seen?

Throughout my young life all I wanted was to be loved fully, deeply and unconditionally. Throughout my adult life I am loved fully, deeply and unconditionally. For who I was, for who I am and for who I will become to be.
Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers!


Mandi said...

Happy anniversary! I loved hearing your story - you two were so cute! :-) Hope you guys get to enjoy your special day!

Lorie said...

Congratulations! I love the picture and hearing your story! Thanks for sharing and have a GREAT day!

clkight said...

happy anniversary! we just celebrated 9 years in august. i was 3 weeks shy of being 21 when we got married so i know whatcha mean about looking like babies but knowing everything ;)

Leslie said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us! I was 23 when I got married. I can't believe that you have been married 11 years and already have 4 kids!:) Happy anniversary!!

Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary!
We understand the military time. We have been married 8 years together 4-5 years.
You both make a beautiful couple.
The Tanksley crew

Miranda said...

That's so sweet! Happy late anniversary!