Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flashback Thursday...The Good, Bad & the UGLY!

I want to thank my sweet Laura for starting her Flashback Friday! Go check out her pics from last cute! So since I always offer my giveaway on Fridays, I'm going to try to keep up with Flashback Thursday! So in honor of my very first post on the subject, I give you a few of myself. It was so fun digging through the old photos!
So here we go....

The GOOD...this photo was taken June 1979, which makes me 4 years old. I'm trying to see which one of my kids look most like me then. Hmmmm, I'm not sure.

The BAD...okay here we go to the 5th grade. I can't remember much about this picture except that Walt the Barber was cutting my hair at the time. I think I trimmed my bangs before pictures because they definitely are not straight.

And last but not least...the UGLY! Here is myself at 13 years old back in 1989! Whew girl...this is UGLY!! And what is up with the pin on my sweater? I'll have to try and find a good one with the big bangs...not too shabby here. I don't know how many times I went to school with a curling iron burn on my forehead, and more hairspray the better!!

So what is your GOOD, BAD, & UGLY! I challenge you to dig out the old photo's and leave your blog link in the comments. Are you brave enough?! =)



Laura and Chris Swymeler said...

I think they're all cute... it's those darn glasses that are killing us!!! What was with the huge glasses??? Praise God for contacts!

Melanie said...

Fun! I may have to add this fun feature to my blog too!

You should see my ugly! You think those glasses are awful... I'm a generation ahead of you and wore sparkly cat eye glasses when I a young thing! :-)

clkight said...

dude, i am so diggin those micro bangs...totally rad...
bahahahaha, like the flashback lingo?