Friday, October 10, 2008

Please pray for Janessa!!

We received an email from Janessa's Mommy this morning...

Janessa has 32 more hours to go with chemo.....and has been really sick with this round. She is still vomiting and has not eaten since Wed. PM. She isn't drinking as well either. If this continues, they'll put her on IV fluids. She has gotten the rash from the Ari -C (the chemo) and fevers off and on, but they go down quickly. If the fever stays up they will start antibiotics. She only has one port to use, so if they start antibiotics, they need to stop the chemo. So you see we have many things to pray through these next hours. Once the chemo is finished, they can run IV and other fluids, they just don't mix well with the chemo meds. She is sleeping better with the two added nausea meds, so this is good. And we are already tired. Please join us in praying for our little girl to make it through these next crucial hours of meds and be able to hold out for the chemo to be finished......and be stro ng enough to hold off fevers. Thanks. We'll keep you posted as we see any changes.


Please lift this little one up in prayer!
May God have His hand on her and her family!


Jodi said...

Tina please send our love to Julie and her beautiful little girl Janessa. We are praying for her and hope ".. and this to shall pass.." comes very quickly for her.
The Tanksley Crew,
Rob, Jodeth, Arianna, Mattox and Natalie

clkight said...

sweet little janessa, we are praying for healing, quick recovery, peace and for him to reveal himself in a mighty way to you & your family through your storm... in the matchless name of jesus we pray!

tons of xoxoxoxo,
the Kight's

blueviolet said...

She's absolutely in my prayers. God bless.

blueviolet said...

It's Saturday morning now and I'm wondering how it went.