Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Too Cute.... (um) Wednesday!

Today our sweet Danielle turned 5.

I ordered her doll months ago to be sure we would have it in time.

We spent the night in a hotel and brought her new doll to open first thing in the morning. Danielle was so excited when she opened her doll.

Her doll went to breakfast with us and shopping this afternoon.

Thank you so much for our dolls. We love them.
Danielle thinks her doll is so special because they have the same color of hair.

She also loves seeing her name on her new doll and knowing the Bible verse is the verse we chose when we dedicated Danielle at church.

Thanks again!

~Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this special moment with us!
It was almost like we were right there with you! Happy belated 5th Birthday, Danielle!!!

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Makila said...

Oh my heart. I just sent Danielle to her first day of kindergarten and there is she on my computer screen. Sweet, sweet tears. :)


Kerin Lee said...

Hello! I am your newest following. SO glad I found you today.

What a beautiful little girl and a very beautiful doll! Glad to see someone spreading the word of God. It's rarer these days!

God bless!