Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Cute...Tuesday!

I had hoped to get these pictures to you much sooner with an update on our adoption! We are the family that was in the middle of adopting a Native American little girl and had no idea if the Tribe was going to allow our adoption to proceed or if they would take her away from us.

We ordered a doll for Kenna with the hopes it would be a welcome to our family gift, but knowing it could be a goodbye gift as well. We choose your dolls, because if she was taken from us, we wanted her to have a promise from God and for her to know of HIS GREAT love for her!

THANKFULLY, our prayers were answered and her doll became a welcome to the Kelley family gift!!!!!!

We also ordered a doll for our 8 year old! They both love them so much! Thank you for making such beautiful keepsake dolls! My 8 year old loves to read the promise on her dolls belly and ask why we choose this verse for her!

Thanks again!
Katrina Kelley

Our hearts are still praising God for your blessings and His hand on your family!

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