Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Answered Prayers...

I tend to want to make everything perfect for my children so that they don't have to endure any pain or discomfort in this crazy world.  Oh how my heart aches when my children hurt.  I want to take it all away.  Make it better.  Fix the problem!  Over the past couple of weeks all four of my children has had moments of brokenness.   Feelings of being left out, not chosen for something they really wanted to be a part of at school, a failed test, friendships with hard moments....crushed spirits.

I see their quivering lips and eyes welled up with tears. 

I feel broken with them.  Arms hold and try to comfort.  Words of trust and God's plans roll from my tongue but inside I just want to make it better -now.

Why can't I protect them from all of this??  I can't stand them hurting!!! 

Its in my prayers that I catch myself.  I pray and ask God to root them deep and draw them to Himself.  That they would be set in the world but not a part of the world.  That they would grow in their love for Jesus and live out their faith boldly!

And how exactly does God answer that prayer?  How does He root ME deep and draw ME to Himself.  Isn't it through brokenness and the hard?  It's then that I cling to the One who loves without limit and I learn to trust in Him!

Wouldn't He do the same for my children? 

Won't He guide, teach and love them through all the hard?  Drawing them constantly to Himself?

My perspective has changed a bit.  I've watched how they have processed and prayed.  I've seen their hearts change and grow and accept God's will, because it all runs through His mighty hand.  And though I still don't like my children hurting, it allows me to not try and fix everything perfect.

It's through living in this broken world that we learn to live a life full in Christ!

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