Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brrrrr -It's Snowing!

It's snowing here in Ohio today! 
Kolton is so thrilled!  I could just set him in a pile of snow with a spoon and he'd be happy for hours! 

I have been praying over all those affected by storm Sandy.  I pray that God draws them to himself through this time!  I also pray for all those with livestock affected by this storm. 

Yesterday, our horse Izzy spooked from the wind blowing hard through the barn and kicked up in her stall.  She got her leg stuck in the gate and scraped/bruised herself up pretty good.  It's a little swollen this morning but it seems that it is nothing too bad.  I called the vet and will pick up some Bute later this afternoon.  If we wouldn't have two horses to worry about, I would never have even thought about all those East who have livestock that they love and even depend on as their livelihood.  Early this year the barn we had our horse boarded lost power for about four days and you really had to plan out how to get them water ect...so that they were cared for.  Its a lot to think about!  I'm not sure if everyone prays over their animals the way I do.  Sometimes I feel really silly but know that God desires and cares about all that is on our heart!  It's like having two more children in the family.

I hope all of you are well!  Is it snowing where you are?  Raining?? 

Do you have a prayer request for yourself or a loved one? 

It's a privilege to pray for you! 

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Even Miracles said...

We woke up to the beautiful snow today too ! Not too far from you all !! Its funny to see our pumpkins and ghosts covered in snow. It's a mixed up season :)