Monday, October 22, 2012

Crazy Weekend Bliss!!

Our weekend was even crazier than normal...which normally is pretty crazy! 


Husband was still out of town
Sewed dolls until almost 9pm
Kids sat in the sewing room with me, all piled in the big red chair.
Watched a movie with them
Ate popcorn
We all stayed up WAY too late!


Fed horse, dogs, cats, bunny and hamster
Ran to the BMV
Renewed my license
Lola was thankful.  I "looked too young in my old photo" (she makes me smile)

Dropped two youngest at Grandma Shopps
Tristin stayed home
Natalie and I off to an open horse show.
Couldn't use the trailer we had lined up.
Found a Plan B trailer.
Almost got stuck in the field
Praised God for 4wheel drive!
Arrived too late.
Events were over.
Natalie planned to still ride
Izzy...a social butterfly.
Natalie...sad because Izzy was a social butterfly and was a little excited to be around the other horses.
Stayed up too late
Rode just a little
More tears
Forgot to take any pictures
Time to go home

Gathered up other three
Pumpkin patch!
Fed the horse, dogs, cats
Legion chicken for supper
Grandpa working the window and treating us!
Scooping out seeds.  (or the "honey" as Kolton called it ??)
Finding tea lights!
All lined up in the dark!
To bed on time!!


Fed the horse, dogs, cats, bunny and hamster
Truth in His word!

A special out to eat Birthday lunch.
Grandma Thompson's treat!
Not McDonalds.
Cloth napkins in lap
Afternoon with family

Hooking up the trailer again
Driving down interstate with horse trailer and four kids
Restroom stops
Big parking lots!
Only getting lost briefly (twice)
Meeting a sweet mini horse
Free to good home.
It being SO SWEET
Happy kids!!
Lola naming him Obadiah (because its fun to say)
Driving home in the dark
Down interstate
Four kids
One horse
Traffic jams
Taking an hour to go four miles.
Start Stop Start Stop
Kolton throwing up in the back seat
How Natalie helped clean him up
Windows down
Making it home SAFE (thank you Lord!)

Praising God it's Monday!

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