Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh, in spite of me...

Cutting, cutting and more cutting...that is what I will be doing today.  Well between all these beautiful children, laundry, meals, sweeping floors and swishing toilets. 

Too be very honest, I've been guilty of asking God why he has entrusted this messy girl with making all these dolls.  More dolls than I could have ever imagined.  More than I can manage in my own strength.  I've even asked Him to take it away if He didn't see fit for me to have it.  At times begged for Him to take it because I couldn't do it...it's simply too much. 

But He hasn't.

Even though I am a unorganized messy mess, fly by the seat of my pants,  learn the hard way kind of girl, Baby be Blessed has been blessed with wonderful opportunities!  I mess up every day!  Yet I am learning to continue forward in faith and start fresh each day in grace...

In spite of me, it works because of Him!

May all these dolls continue to work in the hearts of those they touch and I know He is faithful to give me the strength and provision to work though all these wonderful opportunities to share His Truth! 

(And if this ministry of Baby be Blessed comes to your mind...would you please pray?   Growth always hurts but oh how I praise and look forward to seeing what He does with these simple dolls that hold precious His Word!)

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Even Miracles said...

You are going something so great ! I can't wait to get one, I will be ordering soon and I wish you all the best.

Even Miracles said...

Sorry ... Doing something so great !!