Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Head for the Hills ~Day Four

Before we left we sat down and made our

"2011 Vacation Fun List"

of things we would like to do on vacation.

With Kolton feeling better and the boys off on another adventure to Bass Pro {again} the girls and I thought we would take advantage of our time together. One of the things we wanted to do was to walk down Gloeckner Creek Road, which is right by the house. This is the road we take 4-wheeler rides down quite often...but we have never walked it.

It's a dead end gravel road.

Here is what it looks like going beautiful!

There are a couple of natural falls through the creek that runs along with the road.

We followed the trails down to see them

{watching close for those leaves of three}

There is no getting in or out when there is a heavy rain!

We saw three goats
And my Natalie's favorite...Horses!

Here are the girls, Lola thrilled that Mom asks them to pose next to a hay bale! =)

We climbed up and down exploring and adventuring!

This picture was taken for Kolton since this is the flower he always picks for me. He looked at it and happily said "Kolton's flower!" haha
We also picked wild flowers along the way!
Another thing crossed off of the Fun List!
Then later that evening...what else but fishing for some big catfish!
Natalie was the only one who was catching them and I don't think she minded that too much!

What a great way to kick back and end the day! =)

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