Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Head for the Hills ~Day Three

Monday started off a little slow with a sick boy.

Kolton seemed to wake up with a cold and was out for the count most of the morning.

Keith ran into town for some cold medicine which helped him rest. I felt so bad for him. =(

So while he rested I sat out on the deck and got some work done!

Yep...that's right!

The afternoon was filled with NOTHING {YAY!}
but capturing the beauty that was all around us and loving on my babies!

Of course we also spent some more time baby pool side!

It was great lazy kind of day! I was SO GLAD Kolton felt better as the day went on and we all enjoyed time around the house together. =)

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Divine Mrs D said...

I was trying to figure out that dog picture for awhile and it freaked me out! I was like, "What dog has eyes like that?!" Hmm...I just woke up, so please forgive me. ;)

Baby be Blessed said...

HA! A very old paint chipped one! Glad I could wake you up a bit.... haha =)