Thursday, July 21, 2011

Head to the Hills ~Day Five

In the warm months of summer there is a morning local flea market, or what we Thompson's call...The Sale Barn! You can see more photo's from the Sale Barn HERE.

Tristin rescued "Hopper" from the trample of many feet and was so happy to bring this special found treasure home! They also stalked out the dollar bins and found a few good deals they just couldn't pass up. =)

We were home by 9am and the big boys had another adventure planned {no, not Bass Pro} for a day out on the canoe, fishing! While they were out having fun we took another look at the Vacation Fun List and decided what to do. A picnic lunch by the lake sounded just perfect!

We chose to go up to the Brookville Lake Overlook.

We've visited here before and it was a wonderful BEAUTIFUL area to eat lunch and enjoy!

Our view

A good shot of the Dam.

Then of course, time for some playground fun!

When we got back home....

pool and popsicles!

I love the shot of these two sitting here!

Not long after this photo...the boys called and needed a rescue! They overshot where they wanted to get out of the river {and had a vehicle parked} by about 3miles so we packed up quick and hunted them down! =)

We had another great day in the hills!
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Divine Mrs D said...

Wow!! That looks like an amazing trip.