Monday, July 25, 2011

Head for the Hills ~Day Seven

Day seven of our vacation started out with 4 wheeler rides, toads and a shiner!
Kolton fell the day before and woke up with a black eye!

Didn't slow him down though and there is nothing like a morning ride in your PJ's!

Mr. Hopper from earlier in the week was accidentally baked to death in the sun...

So Tristin was thrilled when Grandpa found this toad in the barn!

Meet Pete!

My sweet man and Grandpa enjoyed some early morning target practice.

This is Lily {which I forgot to mention} is our newest kitty!

We got her from the local FREE KITTIES bin at the hardware!

...and my sweet girl.

The morning was relaxing and after lunch we headed to the beach!

Fun in the sand!

I must say that I love this purple polish!

Sand Castles!

Don't you love the designer "N"?

I love her thought process!


Refreshments {though we brought our own}


Natalie and I wrote our thoughts in the sand.


Natalies....Horses {of course!}

This is a picture of her sand horse!

more castles!

...then packing up and heading back home {well to gma and gpa's}

This was our first time down to the beach and we will definitely be going again! I'm thinking the kids and I might have to take a day trip yet before school starts! It was clean {which is VERY important to me} and so much fun!

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Divine Mrs D said...

That looks so very nice and fun!!

Amber said...

What a beautiful place! Looks like y'all had loads of fun:)