Monday, July 18, 2011

Head for the Hills! ~Day One

Last week we headed to the hills on vacation!!

It was such a beautiful {much needed} time of rest for our family!

I brought my gratitude journal along but ended up not writing one single thing in it...instead I documented the entire week in photo's and it was so much fun!

This week I will share our days with you...mainly because I want to grab hold and remember.


We left Saturday morning after my hair appt. Yes, I said hair appointment...because no woman should start her vacation with a head full of gray hairs! haha! I took my husbands car uptown so he could pack up the suburban. I told my stylist that I was glad to be on my end verses his...not because I mind packing up but the four anxious children that were ready to go at the crack of dawn!

Luckily for me however they waited around for me to get back home and I literally took a quick last peek in the house to just double check things while they were all waiting for me in the car! =)
Our destination was only a two hour drive away {not including the 3 potty stops and a lunch break between} and we arrived at our destination...Grandma and Grandpa's house!!

Is there ever a better vacation spot?

My camera was on the wrong setting...

but didn't we look like the Clampetts with the canoe and hitch haul?? haha

We always look for "Grandpa's trees" as we wind around down {into what the locals call} the holler, to find our favorite driveway that runs us up-up-up the big hill!

What a surprise to find a welcome sign for each of us on the way up!

So after hugs and hello's {even before bags were unpacked}
suits were found and the little pool was jumped into
well 3 out of the 4...

(Here is two of the three. Tristin has been a little camera shy)
But where did I find Miss Lola??
Wondering around with a frown on her face...

Searching and searching for Grandma's kitties...

{and it took a while to hunt them down}

But no worries!!
All was well when they were found and tucked in tight on the couch
underneath favorite blankets!! =)

So bags were brought in and everything put in place for the wonderful week ahead!

My husband Keith found a great deal on lobster before we left so we packed it along and because it was his birthday {Happy Birthday Honey} we cooked them up for a special yummy supper!
Actually it was the first time I've ever eaten lobster...

Happy 36th Birthday!

What a great start to a great vacation!

Doesn't this look like a double dose of trouble???

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Divine Mrs D said...

Wow! That looks like a great first day of vacation :)