Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Head to the Hills ~Day Eight/Nine

The last full day of vacation had really had nothing on the agenda.

Spoiled children watching a movie on the porch! =)

At the end of the day what better than to roast some marshmallows!! I bought the JUMBO SIZED thinking that it would be a special treat. We quickly discovered how difficult they were to work with.

and MESSY!

Kolton did a great job roasting his...but for some reason he kept giving them away for us to eat! HA!! =) When our bellies were full and sugar levels topped off we went to feed Grandpa's catfish. He hadn't fed them all week because we were fishing and wanted them good and hungry...but boy they were ready to eat!!

The sunset was beautiful and we all snuggled into our beds for the last night.

The next morning, Grandma spoiled us with a great breakfast! Little by little we started to pull bedding to wash and gather all our bags down by the door.


As I was searching and collecting almost two weeks worth of goods from six people I noticed that Grandma was busy collecting in the garden. I couldn't pass up a picture of these fresh veggies sitting in a ray of sunshine!

Packing up and heading out!

This was how I was feeling too! post signature

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Divine Mrs D said...

Those are some HUGE marshmallows. :)